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Of true love and pirates: an introduction to the ancient novels (Engelstalig)


Shipwreck, evil pirates, lovers reunited, and fake deaths. There are a number of prose texts from antiquity which tell exciting tales like this. They are usually love stories about a beautiful young boy and a beautiful young girl who go through lots of trouble before they get their happy ending. Think of Romeo and Juliet, but then without the deaths at the end. These texts are generally called ‘novels’, but are they really novels like those we read in the modern world? Who read these texts in antiquity – and why? In this workshop, we’ll have a closer look at some prose love stories from antiquity (Greek and/or Latin), and discuss what makes them a novel and what the texts tell us about the world in which they were written. www.grieks.ugent.be/info-voor/scholen/workshops-voor-scholen

Doelgroep: Secundair onderwijs (ASO): 3de graad

Periode: In onderling overleg 

Locatie: In onderling overleg (bv. op school)

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