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At school with Ptolemaios: learning Greek in Graeco-Roman Egypt (Engelstalig)

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The dry sands of Egypt have preserved thousands of documents. Among these, we find texts related to education: from school exercises to teachers’ copybooks, from syllabaries to literary maxims, they are written on several materials, such as papyri, pottery sherds, and wooden tablets. More information comes from letters of students to their families, their school tools, the archeological remains of school rooms, and, sometimes even from their preserved portraits! With the help of all these sources, we will retrace an ordinary day at school for an ancient pupil, showing that little has changed from two thousand years ago: anxious parents, expensive books, and struggles with spelling were part of everyday school life in antiquity too! www.dcg.ugent.be/lesmateriaal

Doelgroep: Secundair onderwijs (ASO): 3de graad

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