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Living, writing, and reading in the past: History as told by papyri (Engelstalige workshop)


Did you know that studying Greek makes you a good candidate for reading a papyrus from Egypt? If you are ready for that, you are up for a great journey through history. The sandy and dry climate of Egypt has served as a time capsule, from which thousands of pieces of ancient lives have come out, written on papyri and ostraka: the letters they were writing to their loved ones, the complaints they were filing to ask for justice, their shopping lists, their contracts, party invitations, magic spells, horoscopes, medical prescriptions and … some of the lost masterpieces of Greek literature (even Sappho)! What we read at school today was also the favorite teaching and reading material of the ancient people. This workshop is an introduction to Papyrology: the students will decipher some texts, compare their language to Classical Greek and learn how to contextualize historical documents. Dulcis in fundo: the students will get to practice how writing in ancient Egypt was like, with a calamus and a papyrus sheet! www.dcg.ugent.be/lesmateriaal (website in Dutch)

Doelgroep: Secundair onderwijs (ASO): 3de graad

Periode: In onderling overleg

Locatie: In onderling overleg (bv. op school)

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6 à 26 leerlingen


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